Bespoke Websites

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How We Can Help

Whether you’re a small business looking for some basic internet presence, or an established organisation needing to rake in some much needed sales… Dab Hand Marketing are here to help!

We pride ourselves with excellent attention to detail, customer service and quality work – all at an affordable price! Our team of experienced web guru’s will take your dream and turn it onto a reality with a bespoke WordPress website. Using the latest technologies and awesome design ideas, – you’ll be sure to be the coolest site on the block!

Before you get going

There’s three things you’ll usually need to get your site up and running.

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Domain Name

Like hosting, a domain name is also needed to get your site live. This is the link in which your site is accessed to the world. For us, this is

Its important to ensure your desired domain is available to purchase before starting a project to avoid any nasty surprises. We are in the process of integrating our own domain registrar system.

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From photos, to text, databases and code – every website has lots of files that need to be stored online for that site to work. Even with somewhere to store these files, there is ongoing work needed to ensure everything is up to date, secure, virus free and most importantly – backed up!

Let us take away the faff of running your website!

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An often very overlooked aspect of running a website properly is time! Are you able to set aside enough time to regularly monitor, backup and check analytics? Do you have enough time to manage content to keep your users up to date?

More often than not you’ll be surprised to find out you might have little time to spend on your site. See how we can help!

The Process

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Stage One - Initial Discussion

Our web journey together begins with initial discussion, where we find out a bit about you, your project and what we can do to help. We’ll start with a questionnaire that will ask a series of questions. It’s important to answer these as best you can so we can properly quote for the project.

Stage Two - Wireframing

Typically, the next stage is wireframing – this is where we plan out your users journey from start to finish. Wireframing is particularly important with large projects to ensure the users journey is easy, enjoyable and ultimately fulfilling the goals they wish to achieve through using your site.

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Stage Three - Design & Development

Now that we have a full understanding of what we will be producing it is now time to design and build our website. Quite often for smaller projects (such as blogs or small e-commerce stores) we can dive right into this stage. We are proud to include unlimited amendments throughout the entire process and we always love to try out new ideas. 


You will be given regular updates on the projects progress, and shown links in which it can be viewed before it going live.

Stage Four - Deployment & Ongoing Work

Now to show the world your site! Although the site is complete – it is common practice to continually monitor your sites progress and ensure it is kept up to date and secure. 

We offer various hosting packages, which will take the hassle out of maintaining your site. As standard, these packages include regular backups, email setup, technical support and continual monitoring to keep them up to date.

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